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Iman Jodeh Endorses Ilana Spiegel

Ilana brings new leadership and new ideas to CU.

Ilana has the expert academic knowledge and strength to bring positive change to CU and the state. Ilana listens to us, she learns from us and she fights for us. Put simply, Ilana is CU’s student advocate on the Board of Regents.

Representative Iman Jodeh
Representative Iman JodehColorado House, HD41
A born and raised Coloradan, first-generation American, progressive Democrat, trailblazer, advocate, and teacher, Iman is working to make the American Dream a reality for everyone.


As long as high costs, injustice & inequality persist in our education system, none of us can truly rest. Ilana will be the public servant Colorado needs to protect and grow Colorado’s public education system.

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