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Howard Chou Endorses Ilana Spiegel for CU Regent

Ilana Spiegel is a Fierce Champion for students and parents and makes a GREAT member of the CU Regents. She’s advocated for students and Public Education for 25+ years, and continues to do so, for all CU students and their families. That’s what Ilana does. She listens, learns and fights for us.

Howard Chou
Howard Chou Colorado Democratic Party 1st Vice Chair
In addition to his Vice Chair responsibilities, Howard also Co-Chairs the Asian American Pacific Islander Initiative for CDP. Howard brings over 13 years in political Market Research to the Colorado Democrats and provides strategic insight and perspective to the party on how Colorado Democrats can better support, encourage, and help Colorado and its citizens to thrive.


As long as high costs, injustice & inequality persist in our education system, none of us can truly rest. Ilana will be the public servant Colorado needs to protect and grow Colorado’s public education system.

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