At the heart of Ilana’s work are 4 key values which move Colorado forward as a national education and economic force. With over 30,000 families counting on CU for their paychecks and over 100,000 enrolled students, one thing clear: for Colorado to succeed, CU needs a strong leader like Ilana who takes on those who put political games over the needs of our students and educators.

  • Opportunity for all students regardless of their background. Public education should be applicable, cutting edge, and relevant to students and the next generation of jobs. Ilana believes every student should have an opportunity to obtain a world-class education, no matter their zip code. Our willingness to give students this opportunity says a lot about who we are as Coloradans.

  • Accessibility is key. The doors of higher education must be open to everyone, regardless of background or wealth. As an educator, Ilana knows our university is strengthened by the diversity of our student body. Ilana will fight for a University of Colorado where academic scholars can obtain the same scholarship opportunities as those in an athletic program.

  • Affordability in focus.  We must fight to control the outrageous costs of higher education. Healthcare costs are the number one contributor to increased costs at the University of Colorado. Ilana will go through the budget line-by-line to save students money and fight to reduce rising tuition costs.

  • Inclusivity means our differences make us great. Empowering our next generation starts with making sure everyone is involved. Ilana will work to make the curriculum, faculty, and student body at the University of Colorado are strengthened by being reflective of the diversity we share in Colorado and across the country.

It  takes more than just values to bring this to CU and Colorado. Join team Ilana today and help make Colorado a great place to live, learn and work!