Over 50 Leaders in Colorado Education and Business have endorsed Ilana



"We are proud to be a part of the CU family and support Ilana Spiegel for CU Regent because she has the knowledge and leadership to be a fierce advocate for the University of Colorado and help our university be a flagship for the country."



"Ilana fights on the front lines for an accessible and affordable education for all... As Regent, Ilana will protect the $4.5 billion investment Colorado allocates to be a value added for our Colorado students."



"... We can count on Ilana to bring an innovative mindset to help CU develop cutting-edge solutions during a challenging time for higher education."



"...As a CU alum and former CU Regent, I cannot think of anyone better to serve in this important role for Colorado families in the 6th Congressional District."



"Ilana Spiegel is a Fierce Champion for students and parents and will make a GREAT member of the CU Regents. She’s advocated for students and Public Education for 25+ years, and..."



"CU needs new leadership and new ideas. Ilana has the expert academic knowledge and strength to bring positive change to the Board of Regents...

Even more of Ilana’s Most Recent Endorsements by Colorado Leaders

Meg Froelich, Colorado State House, District 3

“There is no one more dedicated to finding fair, realistic solutions towards all that concerns students, faculty, staff, parents, and the greater community.”

Karen Middleton, Former State Representative and Former State Board of Education Member

“Ilana Spiegel continually has her finger on the pulse of all that concerns students, teachers, and parents. I am forever impressed with her acumen and depth, always keeping it in the context of how issues directly affect whom when no one else is considering it.”

Dafna Michaelson-Jenet, Colorado State House, District 30

“Ilana knows that Colorado’s most valuable resource is its people. As a CU Regent she will inspire those around her to use community problem solving skills to fight for opportunities for all. Like me, Ilana will find and share the stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things to solve problems”

Vita Brown, Aurora Activist

“Ilana puts people first. She shows up. She listens. She takes action. She follows up. She is exactly the person we need fighting for students and protecting the people of the University of Colorado.”

Jonathan Singer, Colorado State House, District 11

“As a Social Worker and Lawmaker, I’ve worked my whole life to ensure every child gets a fair shot. Ilana has the progressive passion and the real-life experience to realize that goal for our next generation of CU students.”

CJ Whalen, Former Centennial City Council member

“Ilana understands how to work with diverse stakeholders and perspectives to create innovative solutions to complex problems.”

Honorable Evie Hudak, Former State Board of Education Committee Member and Chair of Colorado Senate Education Committee

“Ilana has first-hand experience at all levels of education systems and knows how to fight for access and opportunities for both students and faculty.”

Honorable Bill Holen, Arapahoe County Commissioner

“Ilana listens and builds relationships within education systems and the community to achieve the best possible outcomes.”

Andrew Hudson, Career Expert, Former Press Secretary for Denver Mayor Wellington Webb and U.S. Senator Timothy Wirth, and jazz musician

“Ilana builds relationships and systems for all students achieve the brightest possible future. She knows that college debt is a bigger problem than credit card debt and is crushing the American Dream. We need an innovative Regent like Ilana to build new paths for employment, family, and retirement.”

Andy Kerr, Former State Representative and State Senator, CU Alumni

“I have worked alongside Ilana for years, advocating for public schools and Public Education. I know the great skills and knowledge that Ilana will bring to the CU Board of Regents. Ilana is a strong advocate for students at every level and understands the hardships that many Colorado students face entering and staying in CU.”

Tay Anderson, Denver Public Schools Board of Education At-Large (youngest black elected official in Colorado history)

“Ilana has been a fierce advocate for public education across Colorado. We need ethical, transparent, and bold leadership to help guide our students future forward. I have had the incredible honor of being mentored by Ilana and have fought alongside her against the privatization of our public education system. There is nobody better to fight for Colorado kids like Ilana Spiegel!”

Darien Wilson, Douglas County grassroots advocate for public education

“Having worked with Ilana as public education advocates for the last several years, I am thrilled to endorse her for CU Regent. Ilana is a brilliant strategist, able to deftly translate wonky policy details in a way average folks can understand. Her passion for public education and her desire to represent the will of the voters of Colorado’s sixth congressional district make her the ideal candidate for CU Regent.”

Nita Lynch, Denver Community Organizer and Activist

“As a former educator and someone who understands the importance of a fair and honest voice on the CU Board of Regents, I proudly endorse Ilana Spiegel for this position. Ilana’s 25 years of experience in education policy, her expertise in academic criteria, and her fierce advocacy for teacher’s and student’s rights make her the right person for this job.”

Hon. Judy Solano, Colorado HD 24

“Ilana Spiegel is the clear choice for CU Regent CD6. Ilana’s leadership, expertise, experience, and passion for public education makes her the best candidate for this position.”

Manual Solano, Civil rights attorney

“Ilana Spiegel’s long-standing record of dedication to the betterment of public education in Colorado shows that she is ready to lead the state as our next CU Regent in CD6.”

Amy Drayer

“Ilana doesn’t fight for equity and access because it fits a political agenda or worldview. She works for it and she lives the fight because she understands the blessings of our shared humanity at the most basic level.”

Patrick Allen

“We need Ilana Dubin Spiegel to be elected as CU Regent. Colorado, please rally behind her! A critical juncture for our state and the future of education. She’s brilliant, caring, and sincere!”

Not to mention these excellent Colorado folks

  • John Buckley, Past Chair, Arapahoe Democrats

  • Tom Sullivan, Colorado State House, District 37

  • Joe Salazar, Civil Rights Attorney and past Representative HD31 Adams County

  • Steve O’Dirisio, Adams County Commissioner

  • Leslie Herod, Colorado State House, District 8

  • Rep. Sonya Jacques Lewis, HD 12

  • John Ronquillo, Professor, CU-Denver

  • Lorena Garcia, 2020 US Senate Candidate

  • Diana Bray, Climate Activist

  • Dr. Joyce Brooks, Education Chair, Denver NAACP

  • Kevin Cox, Aurora Public Schools Board of Education

  • Vicki Reinhard, Aurora Public Schools Board of Education

  • Hon. Gail Schoettler, Former Lt. Governor of Colorado, State Treasurer

  • Nancy Jackson, Arapahoe County Commissioner

  • Steve Fenberg, Colorado State Senate, District 18 – Senate Majority Leader

  • Mike Weissman, Colorado State House, District 36

  • Dominick Moreno, Colorado State Senate, District 21 – Chair of Joint Budget Committee

  • Nicole Johnstone, Aurora Mayor Pro Tem

  • Crystal Murrillo, Aurora City Council

  • Juan Marcano, Aurora City Council

  • Allison Coombs, Aurora City Council

  • Honorable Wellington Webb

  • Congressman Ed Perlmutter, CD7

  • Marlo Alston, Centennial City Council

  • Tina Marquis, Boulder Valley School District Board of Education

  • Lesley Smith, Colorado Board of Regents

  • Jack Kroll, CU Regent CD1

  • Irene Griego, CU Regent CD 7

  • Linda Shoemaker, Colorado Board of Regents

  • John Walsh, Former U.S. Attorney for State of Colorado

  • Dan Baer, Former US Ambassador

  • Rep. Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez, HD 4

  • Senator Julie Gonzales

  • Fmr. Speaker Mark Ferrandino

  • Honorable Suzanne Williams

  • Wendy DeBell, Former Cherry Creek Board of Education, President

  • Alec Garnett, Colorado State House, District 2 and House Majority Leader

  • Jeff Bridges, Colorado State Senate, District 26

  • Lisa Weil, Exec. Director, Great Education Colorado

  • Llyod Lewis, Disability Advocate

  • Senator Rhonda Fields, SD 20

  • Rep.  Chris Hansen, HD 6

  • Sen. Faith Winter, SD 24

  • Kyla Armstrong-Romero, President, Aurora Schools BoE

  • Omar Montgomery, President NAACP Aurora

  • Scott Balderman, Denver Public School Board

  • David Ray, Douglas County School Board


As long as high costs, injustice & inequality persist in our education system, none of us can truly rest.

Ilana will be the public servant Colorado needs to protect and grow Colorado’s public education system.

Get in touch today and help make a difference.