Experienced, Passionate, Committed


As your University of Colorado Regent Ilana will defend academic freedom, fight for opportunities for all students, faculty, and staff, and protect the University’s most important values and priorities.

Ilana’s education and leadership skills were developed working in diverse and inclusive education systems, and with students and families in diverse communities.

Ilana grew up learning that hard work and helping others sparks positive change. As a mom and educator with decades of experience in public education, Ilana will work tirelessly to make the University of Colorado a flagship university for our country – and protect our wonderful university and its people as our next Regent.

“Ilana fights on the front lines for accessible and affordable education for all. As Regent, Ilana will protect the $4.5 billion investment Colorado allocates to be a value added for our Colorado students”

Dave Young • Colorado State Treasurer


As long as high costs, injustice & inequality persist in our education system, none of us can truly rest.

Ilana will be the public servant Colorado needs to protect and grow Colorado’s public education system.

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